Healthcare since 1873

HSF health plan has been helping people in times of illness and medical need since 1873.

The early days

In those days, there was no NHS and very little government aid. This led the Victorian social reformer, the Twelfth Earl of Meath, to establish The Hospital Saturday Fund, so-named because Saturday was the traditional pay-day when people were more likely have a few pennies to save for their health care.

Every Saturday, workers put aside small amounts of money to contribute towards the upkeep of their local hospitals – there was to be no National Health Service until 1948.

This was the beginning of the concept of taking some responsibility for elements of personal health care which, even when the NHS came into being, were not able to be offered completely free of charge.

Our aims

HSF health plan has always had two primary purposes:

  • Provide the largest possible number of generous health benefits in a variety of low cost health cash plan schemes, covering whole families.
  • Continue to uphold the aims and ideals of HSF's founders and share its surplus by donating money to medical charities, hospitals, hospices and to some individuals whose ill health or disability has caused difficulties or who may need a piece of medical equipment to make life more comfortable.

Charitable status

Early in 2007, The Hospital Saturday Fund changed its name to HSF health plan, whilst keeping the original name for its newly created parent company.
In 2008, the Hospital Saturday Fund applied for, and was made, a registered charity, with HSF Health Plan as its trading subsidiary. In this way, HSF health plan is able to donate more surplus monies, via Gift Aid, to the Hospital Saturday Fund who makes generous charitable donations across the UK and Ireland.
Click here to visit our Hospital Saturday Fund Charity site.

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Expert medical advice

In keeping with HSF health plan’s ethos of providing easy access to expert help, all schemes also include unlimited use of a 24/7 GP advice line, a medical information helpline, a stress counselling helpline and a legal helpline.

Affordable healthcare for you and your family

With our affordable health cash plans, one regular monthly premium covers your whole family: you, your partner and your children under the age of 18 residing at the same address.

Schemes start at just £7.75 per month for Primary Cover, making HSF health plan one of the most generous health cash plans on the market – allowing you to take care of everyday health expenses such as:

  • Dental and optical care
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Recuperation and home assistance
  • Personal accident cover
  • Childbirth and adoption grants.

Find out how you can spread the cost of your healthcare today.