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About HSF health plan

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Your staff are your most important asset.

Our health plans offer health and well-being benefits to your workforce.

Your employees can quickly attribute value to having HSF health plan as they are able to claim for costs such as dental check-ups, hygienist visits, eye tests, glasses and contact lenses making HSF an impactful and well-received employee benefit.

Other benefit categories such as Practitioners and Specialist Investigations also provide cover for a range of healthcare costs which can empower employees to obtain early diagnosis and treatment.

Our HSF Assist includes video and telephone support from our GP and counselling services, ensuring that people can easily access this important help 24 hours a day.

Our health plans include over 30 health-related benefits, an EAP, Personal Accident cover, 24/7 access to an online doctor, counselling support and HSF Perkbox, our shopping discount package.

Our entry-level scheme is just £1 per week.

Available Schemes

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Voluntary Scheme

An employer can offer our health plans as a voluntary benefit at no cost to the employer*.

The employee will join HSF health plan, paying the cost of their health plan via payroll deduction but at a reduced corporate rate.

Offering HSF health plan as a voluntary benefit means it is possible to offer employee benefits even if you don’t have a budget!

Your employees will be able to join for a £1 a week!

*subject to eligibility.


Combined brochures

Employer Subsidised Scheme

An employer will choose a level of cover to pay on behalf of some, or all of their employees.

The employees will have the opportunity to add an additional payment themselves to increase their cover should they wish.

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HSF Assist – EAP

HSF Assist, our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), comes as part of all of the health plan packages. You can also provide this as a stand-alone EAP for employees. Read more about HSF Assist here:

What our customers say

  • Age Cymru GwentAge Cymru Gwentit is reassuring to know there were no increased premiums depending on age.

    Age Cymru Gwent has been offering HSF to our staff since 2017. As an organisation we realise that our staff are our most valuable resource and that their health and wellbeing is essential in helping us to deliver our services to older people. We felt that HSF could offer our staff the opportunity to access a wide range of benefits at an affordable cost. The HSF plans are flexible and staff can select which level of support they wish to choose for themselves and also for their families if they wish. The entry level scheme is affordable for most staff and for those that wish to increase the benefits they can do this for an extra monthly fee. As an organisation which employs many staff aged 50+ it is reassuring to know there were no increased premiums depending on age. Financial help towards everyday items such as glasses and dental care can make all the difference when household budgets are stretched and when more complex medical support is needed, it’s reassuring to know that help is also on hand to contribute towards those costs. The feedback we’ve had from staff is that they feel it’s clear from the start what they can claim for. Those who had used the claims service said it was easy to process the application and it was dealt with quickly and sensitively. We have great relationships with the HSF team and they are always on hand to answer any queries or arrange an informal introductory session for new staff.

    Eileen Powell
    Chief Executive Officer, Age Cymru Gwent
    15 February 2021

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  • Leonard CheshireLeonard CheshireOur charity follows the principle of seeking to work with suppliers who demonstrate a like-minded approach to our organisational values.

    Our charity follows the principle of seeking to work with suppliers who demonstrate a like-minded approach to our organisational values and actively support the type of purposeful work we deliver. Our long-standing relationship with HSF is a fine example of this principle in action and the organisation has been an active sponsor in bringing innovative equipment to some of our services and a keen promoter of our annual employee recognition awards.

    Throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic threat, our frontline teams have been tirelessly delivering direct care and support throughout our services across the UK. To support our workforce, we have turned to our partners for additional ways of providing much-needed health and wellbeing care and assistance. The response from HSF has been superlative, both in terms of promptness and the caring benevolence shown in supporting our teams through this unprecedented time in our recent history.

    I cannot praise Paul and his HSF team enough and look forward to continuing our positive, supportive relationship in the future.

    David Jessop
    Executive Director People, Leonard Cheshire
    14th August 2020

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  • Great Annual SavingsGreat Annual SavingsIt just makes good business sense to have this offered to employees as a caring employer who want to look after their staff and their family.

    I have HSF as our go to partner for our health care because they don’t just look after the staff member, they look after their partners/spouses and their children. The level of schemes they provide fits with everyone’s affordability, which goes down well, even with our apprentices. I previously had HSF with a FTSE100 company and my staff loved the scheme. It just makes good business sense to have this offered to employees as a caring employer who want to look after their staff and their family.

    We have a great relationship with HSF. Their service and commitment is brilliant and this shows through with the staff enrolling at presentation stage. By having our own dedicated account manager delivering the staff presentations, we have found it’s a great introduction. HSF provide an exceptional service not just to our staff but to us as a business. They are professional, friendly and are very quick to turnaround any queries.

    As a company, we believe in the scheme so much that we contribute to the scheme for our staff, we want to ensure they have some level of cover for them and their loved ones. I have had countless conversations with our staff and they cannot thank us enough for having the scheme in place for them, particularly when they explain why they have used it. HSF has given our staff so much peace of mind at a time when they need it. The HSF scheme takes the stresses away for many. On a final note, I have referred HSF to many companies across the UK both large and small as they really do offer something unique. What better way than a recommendation to spread the word to other employers.

    Judith Bennison
    Group HR Director, Great Annual Savings
    15th September 2020

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  • Axis Group Integrated ServicesAxis Group Integrated ServicesThe schemes are affordable and offer such good value to our employees and their families.

    The Axis Group and its subsidiaries have been working with HSF for over 10 years now.  Initially the relationship was primarily through the onsite operators, but over the years we have developed a much greater relationship, essentially creating a partnership.

    We have a great relationship with the HSF team, from the account teams to the back of house specialists. The HSF team communicate effectively and have a fantastic presence out with our operators, they are always hands on and that is so important to us, particularly in terms of engaging with our teams on sites.  They have even bespoke inductions for our business and feature heavily in our TUPE process.  This is critical due to it being one of the first touch points for any individuals who are soon to join us – HSF really are an extension of Axis!

    In terms of their offered product, there are just so many positives.  The schemes are affordable and offer such good value to our employees and their families. The benefits available to staff are to assist with everyday health costs, this goes such a long way with our staff.  Claims are submitted with ease, turned around quickly and paid efficiently.  In addition, the helplines are invaluable to staff.

    In addition, the work they do as part of the HSF Charity compliments and shows empathy, compassion and consideration for charities across the UK and Ireland.  I am proud that Axis commits to not only providing a great benefit to our employees, but is underpinned by the amazing work HSF do as part of the charity.  Our values in that regard are most definitely aligned.

    Naomi Austen
    Group HR & Learning Director, Axis Group Integrated Services
    27th October 2020

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  • CIS SecurityCIS SecurityThe HSF scheme has been a fundamental benefit for all our staff.

    At CIS we have been using HSF as part of our welfare benefits package for over 10 years. The close relationships we have with Adrian Button and Ryan Crown allows our staff to have the trust in our reps in understanding their needs and to support them with this fantastic benefits package.

    At CIS we pay for all staff to have HSF and this has been a fundamental benefit to our key workers during COVID-19.  Our HSF Rep, Ryan Crown goes out of his way in supporting our staff by visiting their place of work, being contactable, not just during core working hours, providing them with the extra support they require.

    The HSF scheme has been a fundamental benefit for all our staff and we encourage everyone who joins us to sign up to the scheme as part of their induction program.

    Tracy Plant
    HR Director, CIS Security
    26th October 2020


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  • Ocean Media GroupOcean Media GroupThe benefits HSF offer are amazing and I would fully recommend them.

    I’ve now personally worked alongside HSF for nearly 10 years. They originally provided benefit cover for my previous employer and I then introduced them to my current company, Ocean Media Group. Throughout this time, every Account Manager I’ve worked with has been consistently helpful and professional.

    My main contact during this period has been Ryan Crown who has been exceptional in his deliverance of presentations, his flexibility around arranging site visits and his overall dedication to providing a top class service. The benefits HSF offer are amazing and I would fully recommend them to any company looking at introducing/expanding the benefits they currently offer to their staff.

    Alexandra Smith
    HR Manager, Ocean Media Group
    14th December 2020

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  • QuarriersQuarriersAn important factor for Quarriers was that you are not being tied into a contract

    Quarriers has been working in partnership with HSF since 2015. HSF is a charity that specialise in providing a Health plan policy to its members. Working with HSF has given all our employees an option to join a health plan that allows you to claim back the cost of Dental, Optical, and various other Health fees within your agreed budget. HSF have various payment/claim schemes available, allowing flexibility to choose the option that fits with your individual circumstances.

    An important factor for Quarriers was that you are not being tied into a contract, you are free to leave the Health Scheme at any time. ‘HSF perkbox’ is free to all policy holders, offering savings on certain high street stores, gyms and cinemas.

    To date, 208 of our colleagues have joined HSF. Jointly, we have been made 433 successful claims from the Health plan since the beginning of 2019 to present day. This has not implemented on Quarriers workload, as all our applications and claims are dealt with directly via HSF.

    We have a strong working relationship with our Account Manager who ensures all our individual queries are dealt with promptly and effectively.

    Vivian Maclean
    Resourcing Team Manager, Quarriers
    12th October 2020

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  • B-DacsB-DacsOur staff are delighted with the service and what it offers.

    B-DACS have been using the HSF for 5 years now. As part of our people plan, we decided to give our staff benefits to try to set B-DACS apart. We engaged with Warren who brought the package to life for us and gave us real examples where our staff could benefit and also save money. In the current climate that is very important. We decided to pay the minimum level for every member of staff which is only £4.33 per month - a very small price to pay. This also helps staff retention. Most staff opted to pay more for a better level of cover.

    Our staff are delighted with the service and what it offers. Some of our staff have saved hundreds of pounds by having the HSF in place. Whether you decided to pay or not as an employer, it is still a way to benefit your staff having the HSF in your workplace. It’s a great incentive as there are lots of benefits to take advantage of.

    Diane Drummond
    Director, B-Dacs
    10th September 2020

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Our Charity

The Hospital Saturday Fund is a registered charity and the parent company of HSF health plan. For over 145 years, we have been providing assistance through charitable funds in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. All profits made by HSF health plan are channelled to its parent charity. This allows us to support medically-associated charities and individuals in the form of grants.

“All those who join HSF health plan, just by belonging, are making a contribution to the important work of the charity, not something which usually happens when an insurance policy is taken out.”
Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, The Hospital Saturday Fund.
Read more about the charity.

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