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It’s time to put your health first

Your employer is invested in your well-being, choosing HSF Health Plan as a preferred supplier.
You can include your partner and dependent children (living at the same address, dependents under 18) at no additional cost.

Here’s the deal: With this plan, you can easily claim back 50% of your health expenses until you reach your limit. Whether it’s routine dental, optical, physio treatments, and more, you can enjoy these benefits without breaking the bank.

Best of all, as a TSS employee you have the opportunity of a 3-month free trial (available on scheme 100 and Schemes 220, 330, 440, 550 and A are available at a discounted rate) and there’s no waiting time to start claiming. Benefits are coming, but there are some wait times ahead.

Maternity, Birth and Adoption grants - 10 months Laser Eye Surgery - 12 months

Our health cash plans offer a solution to covering everyday health expenses. It lets you easily claim back the costs of routine Dental, Optical, Physio treatments and more.

It’s quick, easy and simply the best!

Let’s kickstart your health journey!

We’ve created a dedicated webpage exclusively for TSS employees, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Keep reading to maximise your benefits and begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with us.

What’s included?

You can claim cash back, up to set limits, on a wide range of everyday health costs.

View our most popular benefits, or see the full benefits table below.

Dental & Optical

Dental check-ups, sight tests, fillings, glasses, contact lenses… we’ve got you covered.


People have become more used to seeking help from local practitioners like Physiotherapists or Osteopaths.

Specialists & Investigations

Our health plans empower you to gain that diagnosis quickly and easily by claiming back thecosts of private specialist consultation, x-rays and scans.

Birth grant

HSF Health Plan pays a one-off grant payment to make buying all your baby bits stress-free.


Hospital day surgery or overnight admissions can be part of life. This can often be a costly time!


Following each stay in a hospital or hospice for which benefit has been paid for a minimum of 7 nights.

Home help

Short term assistance towards the cost of Local Authority services and some privately arranged assistance with organisations if supported by a doctor.

Day Case Surgery and Treatment

For a planned admission to occupy a bed for a day in a hospital or clinic to undergo surgery, treatment or a procedure.

Personal injury

Should the worst happen and you accidentally injure yourself resulting in either a temporary or permanent disability, a payment is made to you to ease the financial burden.

Added extras – at no extra cost

Included in your HSF Health Plan, just for our policyholders.


HSF Assist

Experience healthcare on the go with our 24/7 GP Advice Line, Virtual Doctor, Counselling, Medical Information and Legal Advice.

HSF Perkbox

Exclusive access to a range of discounts at the cinema, gym and a number of well-known high street stores.

* Offers are subject to change

See the great benefits of the Everyday Health Plan

With an Everyday health plan, you can take a proactive approach towards taking control of your family’s physical and mental health.

As a TSS employee you have the opportunity of a 3-month free trial (available on scheme 100 and Schemes 220, 330, 440, 550 and A are available at a discounted rate) and there’s no waiting time to start claiming.

The Everyday Health Plan

On this plan, your monthly payment includes a spouse/partner and dependent children under 18. There are pre-existing health restrictions on all benefits with the exception of dental, optical, chiropody & podiatry.


The Everyday Health Plan - Benefits table

Our Fully Comprehensive Health Plan Benefits

Our schemes are specially designed with flexibility, enabling you to choose the coverage that suits you best.

Allowances are 12 monthly.

Important plan documents

The Everyday Health Plan

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Download summary of the key information relating to this policy (IPID).

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