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Supporting Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing During Winter Webinar

Date: 10th October 2023
Time: 1 pm (Virtual session)
Location: It’s an online live webinar.

Join Our Winter Wellness Webinar and connect with individuals who share your commitment to employee mental health with Runa Uddin!

Are you dedicated to supporting your employees’ mental health and well-being during the winter months? Look no further! Welcome to an enlightening session that will connect you with like-minded professionals and empower you with strategies to foster a mentally healthy workplace.

Connect with Others through a Common Goal
Mental health is a universal concern that unites us all. Join us to explore key themes related to winter well-being, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the challenges of the festive season, and creating an inclusive plan as an employer.

Gain Valuable Insights
Runa Uddin, Training and Consultancy Manager at Mind, brings seven years of experience in the mental health space to guide you. Discover ways to support your employees, promote mental health and well-being, and access vital resources.

Have Your Questions Answered
Do you have burning questions about supporting your employees’ mental health during the winter? Runa Uddin, our mental health expert, will be there to provide answers and insights. It’s your chance to learn from the best and make a positive impact on your workforce.

Learn to Care for Your Team
Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or new to employee well-being initiatives, there’s always something valuable to learn.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your understanding of winter’s impact on mental health and discover actionable steps to support your employees. Secure your spot now for our Winter Wellness Webinar with Runa Uddin!

Hurry, spaces are limited, and this session is expected to fill up fast. Reserve your spot today to ensure you’re well-prepared to care for your employees’ mental health during the winter months.


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Embrace Winter Wellness: A Deep Dive into Nurturing Employee Mental Health Amidst Seasonal Challenges.

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