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Creating Inclusive Spaces: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Mental Health in the Workplace

Date: 4th June 2024
Time: 12pm (Virtual session)
Location: It’s an online live webinar.

Join us for valuable insight on ‘Supporting LGBTQIA+ Mental Mealth in the Workplace’ with Runa Uddin, Training and Consultancy Manager. This insightful session aims to discuss and come up with methods for creating inclusive workspaces.

Explore Inclusive Practises and Policies

Let’s delve into the world of creating a workplace that celebrates and empowers LGBTQIA+ employees. We’ll explore specific policies that go beyond words and truly encourage an inclusive environment.

Creating Supportive Environments

Join in the conversation and understand how organisations can create a safe and inclusive working environment and its role in improving employee’s mental health within the workplace.

Unique Mental Health Challenges

Understand the unique mental health challenges the LGBTQIA+ community may go through in and out of the workplace and how we can help individuals overcome these problems.

Encouraging Open Communication 

Gain valuable insights on how to encourage LGBTQIA+ individuals to feel comfortable communicating openly, leading to a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all.

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Secure your spot today to be part of this crucial dialogue. Limited spaces are available, so don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to methods to support LGBTQIA+ mental health in the workplace. Join us for an impactful webinar on Tuesday 4th June at 12pm!


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