Health Plans for Lothian Buses Employees

Your employer is invested in your wellbeing!

Reap the benefits of a fully-funded health plan.

Health Plans

Your employer is funding your Everyday health plan – Scheme 100, you don’t need to pay a penny.

You can include your partner and dependent children (under the age of 18) at no added cost.

You are automatically enrolled, and there’s no wait time to start claiming. Benefits are coming, but there are some wait times ahead!

Maternity, Birth and Adoption grants - 10 months Laser Eye Surgery - 12 months.

Our health cash plans offer a solution to covering everyday health expenses. It lets you claim back the costs of routine dental, optical, physio treatments and more with ease.

It’s quick, easy and simply the best!

Let’s get this health party started

Ready to say goodbye to long wait times?

We’ve created a dedicated webpage exclusively for Lothian Buses employees, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Keep reading to get the most out of your benefits, let’s jump into a healthier lifestyle together.

What’s included?

You can claim cash back, up to set limits, on a wide range of everyday health costs.

View our most popular benefits, or see the full benefits table below.

Dental & Optical

Dental check-ups, sight tests, fillings, glasses, contact lenses… we’ve got you covered.


People have become more used to seeking help from local practitioners like Physiotherapists or Osteopaths.

Health Screening

Our health plans empower you to gain that diagnosis quickly and easily by claiming back thecosts of private specialist consultation, x-rays and scans.

Birth grant

HSF Health Plan pays a one-off grant payment to make buying all your baby bits stress-free.


Hospital day surgery or overnight admissions can be part of life. This can often be a costly time!


Following each stay in a hospital or hospice for which benefit has been paid for a minimum of 7 nights.

Chiropody & Podiatry

Help towards the cost of chiropody and podiatry treatment (not including medication or appliances)


Help towards the cost of your prescription charges by reimbursement of the current NHS single item prescription rate*

Personal injury

Should the worst happen and you accidentally injure yourself resulting in either a temporary or permanent disability, a payment is made to you to ease the financial burden.

Added extras – at no extra cost

Included in your HSF Health Plan, just for our policyholders.


HSF Assist

Experience healthcare on the go with our 24/7 GP Advice Line, Virtual Doctor, Counselling, Medical Information and Legal Advice.

HSF Perkbox

Exclusive access to a range of discounts at the cinema, gym and a number of well-known high street stores.

* Offers are subject to change

Prioritise your well-being 

Take control of your health with HSF Health Plan.

The Individual Health Plan

This plan covers you and your dependent children under 18. You can get a separate plan for your partner if you wish. There’s no need to declare any medical information. Plus, there are no restrictions for pre-existing conditions.

The Everyday Health Plan - Benefits table

See all our benefits at a glance.

Important plan documents

Individual Health Plan

Download a brochure including full terms and conditions.

Download a summary of the key information relating to this policy (IPID).

Download Brochure     Download IPID

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Interested in increasing your cover?

To make changes to your policy, please complete the application form on pages 25 to 27 of the brochure and tick the scheme which fits your needs. You can email this over to or post the form to us.

Want to add a partner or children to your plan?

To add your partner or dependent children (under 18 years old) to your policy, please add their details to the application form on pages 25 and 26 of the brochure. You can email this over to or post the form to us.

How can I make a claim?

Find a registered insured practitioner, download and submit a claim form, send a scan or photo of your receipt when you send us your claim form. Submit both to us at

Download Interactive Claim Form
A PDF editable form to submit a claim

*Personal accident claim forms are available upon request.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Still have questions about your policy? Your dedicated Account Executive will be happy to hear from you, please contact Warren Vale at 07976638031 or email

Alternatively, you can contact HSF health plan on 0800 917 2208 or email